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Getting ready for family reunions is tricky. A family reunion can be a casual outing or a formal evening banquet.

For casual reunions, wear jewelry that accents your outfit – busy prints with plain, linear jewelry and big, bold jewelry with plain, simple clothes. Wear a necklace that doesn’t stand out much. Balance your earrings well with your outfit. That’s the way to do it proper. Just do not overdo anything. If you’re going for chunky bracelets, avoid wearing finger rings and vice versa.

For a formal banquet, going vintage works well. To share more about jewelry suitable for family reunions, here is Yan Yan

Jewelry makes our life more colorful and wonderful. No matter you are poor or rich, I believe you must be longing to have one or two pieces of famous brands jewelry in your life. Now there are many famous brands jewelry such as Tiffany jewelry, Cartier jewelry, Bvlgari jewelry, VanCleef & Arpels jewelry and so on. We don’t know which brands is best, but I think we only need to choose some pieces of appropriate jewelry from so many jewelry in the world.


According to different occasions to choosing appropriate jewelry to wear is a wise choice. Most women don’t know how to dressed up themselves. They think as long as they have wore fashionable jewelry, then they will be fashion persons. In fact, this mind is wrong. To be fashionable with jewelry is not so easy. You must consider your whole temperament. Only in this way, jewelry can perfectly show your fashionable and graceful temperament and you can realize the real values of jewelry at the same time. But if you just consider which jewelry is more luxurious and fashionable, then you may be a vulgar girl, you don’t know how to make yourself more elegant and charming. So dressing up appropriately is very important in a special occasion. What kinds of jewelry suitable for you well depends on the occasion you should attend. You can dress up freely in your leisure time. Jewelry can be good friends for women since they can help women show their charms and beauties. Jewelry are also women’s best assistants, every an ugly woman can be full of charm with it. Jewelry can help women realize many wonderful dreams. If I’m a jewelry designer, I must be very proud since I have worked for so many persons who want to be beautiful. I think it’s very valuable to help others.


I will tell you some methods when you have to take part in family reunions. In this occasion, you must be generous and approachable. This is your style in those reunions. The jewelry that you wear in this occasion must be generous and artless, likes nature itself. Among so many occasions, family reunions will make you more relaxing and comfortable. Some jewelry can give you a decisive feeling in your workplace. But when you face those placid reunions, clever women will use some round and egg-shaped jewelry to fully release your gentle and approachable temperament. In those softhearted moments, it neither has formality and pleasantries in workplaces, nor has the fanatical atmosphere in parties, comfort is the main theme at present. So the jewelry you wear should adhere to casual and generous principles. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t be dripping with expensive jewels to frighten away the affability of your relatives. Pearls jewelry is your first choice of this warm theme. No matter pearl necklaces, pearl earrings or pearl rings will increase a gentle and romantic flavor to your whole look. Those simple designed jadeite are very clear and round. It can not only bring a fresh feeling to your family, but also reflect your temperament and connotation, making you more close to your relatives.

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What makes men’s wedding rings different than those of women? Men tend to be lazy on the side of dressing up and flaunting flashy items of jewelry on a regular basis. Therefore, one must need a different guide for men’ wedding rings, right?
We think so and so do the guys at Brilliant Earth who’ve come up with this ‘complete guide’ to men’s wedding rings. Read on.

A guy usually gives a ton of thought to selecting an engagement ring for his fiancé, but when it’s time to choose his own wedding band he may realize that he’s clueless about the options.

If that describes you, don’t let your ring be an afterthought! Since you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life, and it may even be the only piece of jewelry you wear, you should love your wedding band every bit as much as your fiancé loves her carefully selected rings. When choosing a men’s wedding band, there are six things to consider: Width, metal choice, fit, finish, detailing and engraving.

How wide do you want your ring to be? Try on rings in many different widths to decide what you like best. Wider rings tend to be more expensive (since they require a larger quantity of precious metal), but you can balance size and price by choosing a metal that’s within your budget. For example, palladium looks very similar to platinum and white gold, but costs less.


The metals traditionally used for men’s wedding rings are platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and palladium. Here are the benefits of each:



Platinum is extremely durable and is among the rarest elements in the earth’s crust.  It is also hypoallergenic and almost never causes skin reactions.


White Gold

White gold is gold plated in rhodium, a member of the platinum family, which gives it a brilliant white color similar to platinum’s but at a lower price point (note: the rhodium plating on white gold jewelry may need to be replaced after a decade or so).


Yellow Gold

Yellow gold gives off a subtle, warm glow and is a classic option.



Palladium is a member of the platinum family of metals and has a very similar look, but generally costs less than platinum and white gold.


Rose Gold

Rose gold is a beautiful, less common choice and creates a unique vintage effect.  It’s perfect for a groom who wants a more distinctive look.

Can’t decide?  Consider a mixed metal wedding band. No matter which metal you choose, we recommend recycled precious metal as an eco-friendly choice.


The edges of a wedding band can be curved or flat, forming right angles to the sides of the ring. Our popular Comfort Fit band has gently rounded edges, which can make it a good choice for men who are concerned about how it will feel to wear a ring every day. Try on a number of different rings to get a sense of which fit feels right to you.


Finish describes the texture of a ring’s metal. These are the terms to know:

High Polish

High Polish is the most traditional choice and describes metal with a reflective finish.


Matte is a less reflective finish with an understated, modern feel.


Combination wedding bands combine both matte and high polish textures.


Hammered rings look as if a tiny hammer has pounded the metal to create a textured effect. They are popular with men who want a unique, eye-catching look.


Not so long ago there were very few options in men’s wedding bands beyond choice of metal, but these days you can have a very unique men’s wedding ring. Add style to your ring with diamond or sapphire accents, like a subtle vertical stripe of sparkling gems an antique scroll or a Celtic knot design.


Whether you choose a ring that’s understated and classic or more unique and eye-catching, there are almost endless ways you can personalize the band with engraving. The date of your wedding, your fiancé’s name or initials, a word, phrase or song lyric that’s central to your love story—engraving any of these on your ring will lend it extra meaning. You could even have your fiancé’s fingerprint engraved into the metal—what could be more romantic than choosing to keep a reminder of your fiancé close to you every day?  You can have either the inside or the outside of your ring engraved, depending on whether you want to keep the engraving private or show it off to the world.


To wear a ring that truly reflects your one-of-a-kind personality, consider having your wedding band custom designed. Our jewelry design experts will help you bring your vision to life, and can suggest styles and effects that will express your unique style, such as nature-inspired motifs, antique designs, or custom patterns or symbols that honor your heritage or history.

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Ronnie Mervis from Mervis Diamond Importers thinks that men’s wedding rings is an entirely different affair from women’s. He argues that women are used to wearing rings since a young age while most of the men wear their first ring on their wedding days and that’s bound to get uncomfortable. That is why wedding bands for men need to be designed in a special way so they don’t fall off during heavy activity or, say, while playing golf. Men’s wedding rings also tend to be a tad more understated than their female counterparts. Watch him give sound advice in the video below.

Buying men’s wedding rings or any men’s jewelry is not easy but it doesn’t have to be complicated. There are certain guidelines that, when followed, make it easier to reach a satisfactory conclusion. Hopefully, this article will help you make a more informed decision. Buy premium, contemporary men’s wedding rings and other jewelry items at Steels Jewelry



If there is one thing that has undergone more evolution in a hundred years than modern humans have in the 200,000 years of their existence, it is fashion. Jewelry is the most flattering form of fashion and trends change faster than you can blink your eyes. In a changing world, if you want to stay fashionable, you need to know about the latest trends.
Here are 9 jewelry essentials for the modern woman as deliberated by In Detail’s Sarah Royce-Greensill.

The jewellery basics: 9 pieces every woman should have in her jewellery box

We’re used to the concept of a capsule wardrobe – high-quality essentials that transcend trends, pepped up with seasonal fast fashion. And why not adopt the same approach to fine jewellery? Invest in key pieces that’ll last forever and, combined in different ways, up the accessorising ante in any situation. These are the jewellery staples every woman must own.

Everyday earrings


The fashion crowd are turning their earlobes into pin cushions thanks to an influx of fabulous fine studs and “huggies”. From Hall Collection’s mix n’ match studs to Venus by Maria Tash’s tiny hoops, these are the pieces you need never take off. See full post here

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Your engagement ring is beautiful; a representation of the love you and your partner feel for one another. You will wear your engagement and wedding rings more than any other piece of jewelry.

Read on for general care and safety tips for wearing an engagement ring and other jewelry.

The following article by http://www.easyweddings.com.au/articles/engagement-ring-care/ explains the expert tips about how to take care of your engagement ring – Symbol of love & commitment

Engagement ring care

Your engagement ring will probably be the most important jewelery purchase you will make. Looking after it needs not be time consuming or expensive. It will make sure that you continue to enjoy your ring for years to come.


Engagement Ring

Engagement ring care

Diamond and might be the strongest gemstone but if it is subjected to a strong blow or drop in the wrong place, it can cleave and fracture. The same applies to the metal if it is hit repeatedly over a period of time, it will show some pits and marks and will wear out quicker than it should. So what’s the answer to safeguard the beauty of your engagement ring?

Don’t wear your ring when doing any strenuous activity where the metal and/or stones are likely to be under stress, i.e. gardening, cooking. Avoid metal pans and door handles, wear gloves at the gym. Diamonds will need regular cleaning to remain bright and sparkling.

The same tips apply to engagement rings set with coloured gemstones. A little bit of care will go a long way in keeping this special ring looking its best. See full post here: http://www.easyweddings.com.au/articles/engagement-ring-care/


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Buying jewelry is an elaborate art that takes years and sometimes decades to master. That doesn’t mean you have to be a savant to go shopping for jewelry. However, even though most jewelers are honest business people, you should always be aware of the various ways people will try to trick you out of your money. There are some simple precautions you can take to avoid being duped.

Look it up

Do an online search to find price and description for every item of jewelry you hope to purchase. Unless your selected items are obscure, you will be able to find them with a single online search on websites of various (sometimes competing) online jewelry retailers.

Have it appraised

GIA appraisals are good at not only evaluating the worth of jewelry items but also at complete descriptions of any discernible trait or flaw. A good appraiser will be able to tell you right away whether your jewelry is real or an imitation. When buying new or old jewelry, ask the seller for previous appraisals and all documents supporting its authenticity.

Verify documents

A defaulting seller might provide you with authenticity or appraisal documents for another item of jewelry! Pay close attention to the details of the documents, and if the size or weight of the item seems off by a considerable margin, don’t buy. Never feel shy to ask for measurement gauges, weighing scales or loupes to verify the details of the stones yourself.

Compare again

Compare with other similar items of jewelry. Gold should look and feel like gold. If it doesn’t, it’s probably fake gold (or sterling silver coated with gold). Remember different metals have different weights. So if the jeweler has used sterling silver, you should be able to tell once you weight it along with a full gold piece of the same measurements. Gold is usually heavier than both silver and sterling silver.

Keep comparing

Ask to see the item in person as well as in a catalog. Compare the look of the two and see if there are any discrepancies. Jewelers often run out of the most popular pieces and replace them with similar items. Although there is nothing wrong with doing that, it might inadvertently fool people into buying the wrong pieces.

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Getting your jewelry checked, repaired and rechecked is important if you wish it to last you a lifetime, especially for pieces you wear daily. If you’ve never had a jewelry piece repaired, there must be a lot of questions running through your mind. Here are six of them.


Can I get it repaired before the weekend?

Probably yes. Most repairs are simple and won’t take very long. With elaborate and intricate repairs, it is advisable that you talk to your jeweler a couple weeks in advance.

Do I need a repair if the polish wears out?

Every item of jewelry repaired at a reputable jewelry store like Steel’s Jewelry is made to look like new. Every scratch or blemish is polished out till the original finish is restored. However, white gold jewelry, new or old, tends to wear out periodically to reveal the yellow gold underneath. All white gold pieces need to be electromagnetically plated with rhodium to keep them looking like new.

Is the ring ‘stretched’ in order to increase size?

In most cases, no. Size is increased by adding sections of the precious metal at the base of the shank. It is then polished it to a flawless finish.

Should rings be checked for condition?

Yes, ideally every six months. It is natural for rings to wear out and loosen up with time, especially rings we wear every day. It can be quite easy to lose a stone if you don’t take care and get your rings checked at a professional jewelry store. Steel’s Jewelry offers lifelong cleaning and checking for every item of jewelry you purchase.

Do I get the leftover gold when my ring is sized down?

Not usually. The credit for the scrap gold is factored into the cost of the jewelry repair. The amount of gold removed is usually minimal and much, much smaller than you would expect. You can ask for what would probably be just gold shavings back, but it would slightly increase the cost of repair.

However, it is possible that when you size down a ring for an entirely different person that a considerable chunk of metal would need to be removed. In such cases, you should expect to receive the piece of gold in a plastic bag without having to ask for it.

Why do some jewelers recommend soldering your rings together?

Many jewelers recommend that you solder your wedding and engagement rings together to minimize wear down and prevent loss of stones. The truth is that rings worn on the same finger tend to rub against each other and this could result in parts of the rings wearing away while also loosening the diamonds, making it easy to lose them. Soldered rings can easily be unsoldered at a later time and refinished to a polished state.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have perfect hair and wear jewelry that complements it? A lot of people are enthusiastic about jewelry and hair color alike, and even though grossly overlooked, hair color can change your complete look. The best thing is you can wear jewelry that brings out the best in you – your skin color, hair color and clothes.

Here is an article from Mark Schneider Design that guides you to choose the right jewelry for your hair color, or vice versa.


How To Match Jewelry and Hair Color

Hair color and jewelry are unlikely allies. Although it is often overlooked, hair color is a large part of a person’s overall appearance. As such, it is important to consider your hair color when choosing outfits, hats and especially jewelry. Because hair and jewelry share the same space on the face, it is critical that they co-exist in harmony. Even beyond that, it’s important that they complement one another. There are countless guides for matching skin color with jewelry and outfits with accessories, but very few address the importance of hair color. To enhance your overall ensemble and create a cohesive look that flatters, follow the simple guide below.

1)      Blonde

For blonde-haired beauties, the possibilities are endless. Most colors look great with fair hair because it is versatile and not too imposing. However, there are some colors that especially stun. Blue hued gemstones like sapphire and blue topaz look breathtaking with blonde hair because they serve as a subtle contrast against the lightness of the locks. Greens look great as well. If you’re feeling bold, opt for orange gemstones that will create a healthy glow when contrasted with fair skin and hair. Click here for full post

ninaN leather bracelets


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Diamonds are brilliant. The rare gem has been praised since times immemorial, and will continue to be praised till eternity. Yes, all diamonds are forever. But there are some that write themselves into every history book out there.

Diamond Education

Here is Lizrlj from Designers and Diamonds with the 10 most famous diamonds of all.


As the James Bond film title goes “Diamonds Are Forever” and like the film they are highly sought after. A great deal of diamonds are on the market that provide the luxury and appeal that luxurious collectors want. While not all of them are able to be purchased diamonds of exotic variety add a bit of variety and flair to the world making collecting diamonds more enjoyable for people of all walks of life. Be it in the Queen’s Palace, or in a normal wedding ring, diamonds create an excitement that is hard to match anywhere else in the world. See full post

Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

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Ever wonder what the secrets to shopping diamonds are? You’ve heard about the 4C’s of buying

diamonds from people you know and the internet, but somehow it manages to escape your

understanding. Well, no more.

Lizrlj from Designers and Diamonds has come up with a brief explanation of all things important for

buying diamonds.


It’s easy for me to share how to get a great deal on a diamond with maybe overcomplicating things…a bit. Once I get started on my 4 C’s, it’s just so easy to delve deeper and deeper into them, finding little subcategories in each one that could potentially save you hundreds – if not thousands. See full post here

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With the recent advancements in science and technology, scientists have achieved the most unusual! Diamonds that are naturally formed take billions of years to crystallize from other pure carbon states like coal and graphite. It takes a temperature of about 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and a pressure about 50,000 to 70,000 times the pressure of the atmosphere. However, diamonds can now be synthesized in labs and you won’t be able to tell the difference!

Celeste Perron from Brilliant Earth sheds some light on how hard it really is to tell a lab-grown diamond from a natural one.


Although grown by scientists instead of created in the earth’s crust, lab diamonds are absolutely real diamonds—they’re chemically and optically identical to natural diamonds.

Even expert gemologists can’t tell the difference, but just for fun we’re offering you the chance to guess. Each of the sets of engagement rings on this page includes one ring featuring a lab diamond and one with a naturally mined diamond. See if your instincts can determine which is which, and get the low-down on this engagement ring option. 


Image: www.brilliantearth.com

If you’re looking for a lab grown diamond in a classic round brilliant cut, you’re in luck, because we have an expansive selection of round lab diamonds. When the process of growing a diamond was first invented labs were only capable of creating small diamonds, but today you can purchase lab diamonds up to three carats.(The lab diamond is the one on the right.) See full post here

Lab-grown diamonds are slightly cheaper than natural diamonds, but none the wiser on which is which! So it might be a good idea to invest in some high quality GIA-certified lab-grown diamonds. But take care to not buy them at the price of natural diamonds. For genuine prices on all kinds of diamonds, head over to www.steelsjewelry.com