Your engagement ring is beautiful; a representation of the love you and your partner feel for one another. You will wear your engagement and wedding rings more than any other piece of jewelry.

Read on for general care and safety tips for wearing an engagement ring and other jewelry.

The following article by http://www.easyweddings.com.au/articles/engagement-ring-care/ explains the expert tips about how to take care of your engagement ring – Symbol of love & commitment

Engagement ring care

Your engagement ring will probably be the most important jewelery purchase you will make. Looking after it needs not be time consuming or expensive. It will make sure that you continue to enjoy your ring for years to come.


Engagement Ring

Engagement ring care

Diamond and might be the strongest gemstone but if it is subjected to a strong blow or drop in the wrong place, it can cleave and fracture. The same applies to the metal if it is hit repeatedly over a period of time, it will show some pits and marks and will wear out quicker than it should. So what’s the answer to safeguard the beauty of your engagement ring?

Don’t wear your ring when doing any strenuous activity where the metal and/or stones are likely to be under stress, i.e. gardening, cooking. Avoid metal pans and door handles, wear gloves at the gym. Diamonds will need regular cleaning to remain bright and sparkling.

The same tips apply to engagement rings set with coloured gemstones. A little bit of care will go a long way in keeping this special ring looking its best. See full post here: http://www.easyweddings.com.au/articles/engagement-ring-care/


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Buying jewelry is an elaborate art that takes years and sometimes decades to master. That doesn’t mean you have to be a savant to go shopping for jewelry. However, even though most jewelers are honest business people, you should always be aware of the various ways people will try to trick you out of your money. There are some simple precautions you can take to avoid being duped.

Look it up

Do an online search to find price and description for every item of jewelry you hope to purchase. Unless your selected items are obscure, you will be able to find them with a single online search on websites of various (sometimes competing) online jewelry retailers.

Have it appraised

GIA appraisals are good at not only evaluating the worth of jewelry items but also at complete descriptions of any discernible trait or flaw. A good appraiser will be able to tell you right away whether your jewelry is real or an imitation. When buying new or old jewelry, ask the seller for previous appraisals and all documents supporting its authenticity.

Verify documents

A defaulting seller might provide you with authenticity or appraisal documents for another item of jewelry! Pay close attention to the details of the documents, and if the size or weight of the item seems off by a considerable margin, don’t buy. Never feel shy to ask for measurement gauges, weighing scales or loupes to verify the details of the stones yourself.

Compare again

Compare with other similar items of jewelry. Gold should look and feel like gold. If it doesn’t, it’s probably fake gold (or sterling silver coated with gold). Remember different metals have different weights. So if the jeweler has used sterling silver, you should be able to tell once you weight it along with a full gold piece of the same measurements. Gold is usually heavier than both silver and sterling silver.

Keep comparing

Ask to see the item in person as well as in a catalog. Compare the look of the two and see if there are any discrepancies. Jewelers often run out of the most popular pieces and replace them with similar items. Although there is nothing wrong with doing that, it might inadvertently fool people into buying the wrong pieces.

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