‘A Diamond is the first love of a woman as its sparkle and beauty does not fade away with time’. Although most people are aware of the 4C’s of diamond namely cut, color, clarity and carat, still there are some amazing facts about diamond to intrigue a person. Here we are listing ‘19 amazing Diamond facts’ that will leave u in awe of this spectacular rock.

  1. The first of the diamonds were discovered and mined in India in around 4th century B.C.
  2. Till early 17th century India was the only place to find diamonds until it was discovered in Brazil in 1725.
  3. Diamonds are measured in terms of ‘Carat’ derived from Greek word ‘kerátion κεράτιον’ meaning ‘Carob Bean’. In ancient times carob bean was used to measure diamonds; it is believed that each carob bean weighed nearly the same, that’s why it was used to weigh an item.
  4. The present day round brilliant diamond has 58 facets including the culet: 33 on the crown, with a polished girdle and with pavilion consisting of 25 facets.
  5. According to Greek mythology, diamonds were the tears of God which fell to earth to soothe humanity.
  6. The largest diamond ever discovered is called a ‘cullinan’ weighing 3106 carats.
  7. Diamond is an epitome of unconquerable courage and unfailing love when gifted to someone.
  8. Diamonds are available in varied hues depending upon the impurity present in it usually in the form of a colorful mineral.
  9. These Sparklers are formed only when they undergo extreme temperature and pressure under the earth and after a period of time travels towards the crust of the earth due to volcanic eruptions.
  10. Rough diamonds are categorized into three qualities viz. gem quality: used in making jewelry, industrial quality: used for cutting, crushing purpose in industries and Crushing Boart: mostly used as diamond dust for polishing diamonds.
  11. The only operational diamond mine of United States, Arkansas allows tourists to dig their own diamond from the mine for a nominal fee.
  12. About 40% of the world’s diamond jewelry is bought by American’s alone.
  13. A diamond weighing one carat is found one in a million and a diamond weighing two carat is one in a five million.
  14. A rough diamond looks just like an ordinary pebble until it is polished and given its true Sheen.
  15. Russia produced a record-breaking volume of diamonds of the world in the year 2014.
  16. Europe and Antarctica are the only Continents where diamonds are not found as yet.
  17. A whopping price of 53.5 million dollars was paid for a rough diamond in 2010. This diamond was cut into 24 colorless diamonds of rare flawless quality.
  18. A diamond when polished loses approximately 50% of its original weight.
  19. Of all the diamonds mined till date only 2% are flawless.

These 19 Amazing facts about the most coveted gem had made it even more alluring for the modern generation.