During the onset of a wedding, you may be too pre-occupied getting your bridal dress ready. You generally shop for the basic designs on jewelry. You have to make arrangements for getting the party hall ready. You will have to zero in on the cuisines or desserts you plan to serve at the royal party. In the hustle and bustle of getting these things done, you might forget the important pieces of wedding or bridal jewelry you need to keep a stack of.

Helping you with a quick run-down on important pieces of wedding jewelry, you simply cannot do without:

Statement necklaces

Statement necklaces form an integral part of the bridal jewelry. You cannot do away without them. Your necklace needs to compliment the wedding gown you plan to wear for the party. Diamond studded multi-layered necklaces, chandelier design necklaces, tapering bib necklaces, tiered neck chains and floral design necklaces can be very good options, when it comes to choosing necklaces for your wedding.


You simply cannot do away without a matching pair of earrings, especially when it is your own wedding. You need to look your awesome best throughout the wedding. You can choose chandelier earrings, big hoops, diamond-studded heart-shaped earrings, vintage styled earrings, etc.

If you have a passion for fashion jewelry, you can also go in for ear studs that have danglers. These dangler earrings have huge gem stones embedded right across the center. You can go in for moon-stone, turquoise, blue sapphire, jade, ruby, amethyst and other forms of popularized gems, out there. The earrings are layered with a quote of white gold, yellow gold or platinum.

Stylish bracelets

You need to choose bracelets that complement the wedding dress and other bridal accessories you plan to wear for the party. Classic styled bracelets can be chosen if you want the bridal jewelry sans pomp and show. You can also go for customized designs when it comes to choosing bracelets for the best occasion of your life.


Anklets are pretty looking chains you wear on your feet to look exquisitely feminine and pull off your stunning aura, the right way. You can choose colored stones or trinkets to create anklets that look adorable. You can also choose multi-colored beads to create anklets. A simple silver or golden stranded chain can be used to create designer anklets that look attractive on your feet.

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