Do you dare to own these fashionable pieces of jewelry, this festive season? Then you can have the custom design jewelry, created this way.

Here are 4 tantalizing designs, every woman should own:

Layered pendants

Layered pendants can make a fashion statement, at absolute ease. Fix the top of a lamp designed pendant to its bottom portion. You get elliptically designed pendants that come with two cases. These are pendants that have two layers attached to it. You get layered pendants from branded high-street fashion jewelry stores. You can also create custom design jewelry by layering two giant sized hearts. It is a symbolic way of saying ‘We are meant for each other’. A sophisticated outfit needs to be chosen, while you plan to sport pendants this way.

Statement hoops

You get hoops in a variety of designs and shades. Rounded, square shaped, oval and rectangular hoops can be availed at designer jewelry stores. You can sport diamond shaped hoops to reveal bold statements, the fabulous way. Customized jewelry can be created on hoops, as well. You can stick fancy studs, beads or tiny shaped hearts to give a cute look to the all-new range of statement earrings. These suit all skin types and can be worn by women on different kinds of outfits, as well.

Stackable rings

These are flattering pieces of jewelry that can create a woo effect on women. Stackable rings can be customized as well. You can wear a fancy ring upon your Engagement ring just to team up with yet another fancy beaded ring. Your cocktail looks are all out, for display.

You can opt wearing huge gem stone rings. Cocktail rings or signature rings mark your presence at celebrity events.

Chunky designs on bracelets

Make an all-bold statement whenever you mark your entry. The cosmopolitan looks of yours can reach an all-time high with the stylish bracelets. These can either take the form of layered cuff links or shaped up like a neat band, kind of thing. Bracelets can also be designed in a chain-lock manner, to achieve an all stylish look.

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You always want to look extra special on New Year’s Eve. Whether you hit a dimly lit restaurant or a buzzing discotheque, you would love grabbing the lion’s share of attention.

Here are four special ways on how you can add to the gusto looks on New Year’s Eve:

Add to the sparkle

Adding light to your appearance looks fab especially during the darkest month of the year. You can lavishly add shimmer and sparkle to the jewelry you plan wearing for December events. Especially for New Year’s Eve, your jewels should do all the talking. Crystal encrusted pendants, layered diamond statement necklaces and long studded earrings help you catch light even at the restaurants that serve candle-lit dinners. Just in case, you plan wearing layered clothes with dark colors, your jewelry can be silver or white gold. It can give a shimmering contrast, to your appearance.

Dramatic effects

If you want to pull off a bold and daring look, you can opt for New Year jewelry with bolder designs and vibrant colors. Shoulder kissing earrings, over-sized cocktail rings and multi-layered chunky design pendants can go well with the New Year Eve’s soiree, you plan wearing for the party. You will surely create dramatic effects, if the make-up complements your outfit and jewelry.

Ever-lasting texture

Most of you prefer wearing subdued clothing during the coldest month of the year. You will find most of your friends wearing ash-grey, dark red and black. These are jewelry pieces that can look smashing even on subdued outfits. White gold cuffs, mesh yellow gold bracelets and other shimmering jewelry can add to the glow and glam for the evening. New Year jewelry needs to be chosen with absolute passion.

Want to create star-studded sensations?

Star shaped charms or dangles, crimson shaped pendants, colored gem stone star rings and star studded bracelets can add to an enigmatic appearance. Especially when you sport these on the eve of New Year.

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The festive season is just around the corner. You must be all excited to celebrate Christmas and the upcoming New Year. As a woman, you always have to the urge to glam up, on any given occasion.

Presenting you with the hottest Christmas jewelry trends for 2017:

Crystal statement necklaces

This particular Christmas is going to be a really frivolous one, indeed. Jewelry designers are aiming at bringing the larger than life concept into jewelry, as well. These are statement necklaces with huge crystal flowers.

Single earring

Instead of going in for a pair of earrings, fashionistas are eyeing in, on a newer trend. For Christmas, why don’t you wear one single ear-stud that is catchy and impressive to the eye? This is definitely a trend that is here to stay.

Gold jewelry

Quite a lot of girls are getting smitten by the power of gold. It is the stunning yellow metal that is doing the rounds for Christmas as well. You find gold pendants, bracelets and chokers everywhere.

Oversized hoops

When you find hoops that are over-sized and are made of bamboo, would you ever say a no? This is another hottest trend that is catching up, this season.

Pendant earrings

The earrings are long enough to touch your shoulder-line. Pendant earrings are again trend setting jewelry for Christmas.

You can choose simple earrings, forming an integral part of the Christmas jewelry. This is just, in case, you want to avoid all the jazz.

Statement cuffs

Fashionistas are now eyeing in, on this hotter trend. It gives the wearer awe and inspiration to wear huge statement cuffs, forming a part of the festive paparazzi.

Three finger rings

You can wear over-sized finger rings across three fingers of yours. This will showcase your cosmopolitan outlook in a more vibrant manner.

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You can buy jewelry using the latest designs. But if you want to invest using this precious commodity, how do you go about doing so? If you want to earn a decent cash for jewelry, you need to look for wise investment decisions.

Here are 3 ways on how you invest your precious diamonds, gold or silver coins in a prudent manner:

Earn a better value for money over retained pieces of jewelry

It is your grand mom’s heirloom crystal diamond necklace that can fetch you the highest value for money. See if you own sets having authentic designs or having a contemporary style attached to it. The jewelry needs to be a retained one, so that the design is an enviable one.

On the other hand, trying to sell the latest jewelry are efforts that can go in vain. The seller already imposes a 100% increase over the cost spent on having it designed. The Value Added Tax or VAT is as high as 20% on newer forms. Hence it is an implied fact, that you will never be able to accrue decent cash for jewelry, if you try disposing your brand new ones.

Vintage jewelry are always a dealers’ choice

When you own vintage or antique jewelry, you will always be favored at the dealers’ spot. They love purchasing the antique sets and you can earn a decent sum of money. You will be able to receive hot cash, on the spot. Earrings, chokers, bracelets and necklaces styled the ethnic way can fetch you a decent sum of money. You can invest vintage pieces of jewelry at the financial markets too. Try selling these at a time when their prices really soar at the market.

Investing money on gold or silver coins always makes sense

Buying gold and silver coins is definitely the most booming kind of investment. The fluctuations these luster filled metals face, are always 5 to 10% at the max. When the prices of gold or silver rise in the market, you can revive 200% of your investment. You can earn hot cash for jewelry, this way.

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