You can buy jewelry using the latest designs. But if you want to invest using this precious commodity, how do you go about doing so? If you want to earn a decent cash for jewelry, you need to look for wise investment decisions.

Here are 3 ways on how you invest your precious diamonds, gold or silver coins in a prudent manner:

Earn a better value for money over retained pieces of jewelry

It is your grand mom’s heirloom crystal diamond necklace that can fetch you the highest value for money. See if you own sets having authentic designs or having a contemporary style attached to it. The jewelry needs to be a retained one, so that the design is an enviable one.

On the other hand, trying to sell the latest jewelry are efforts that can go in vain. The seller already imposes a 100% increase over the cost spent on having it designed. The Value Added Tax or VAT is as high as 20% on newer forms. Hence it is an implied fact, that you will never be able to accrue decent cash for jewelry, if you try disposing your brand new ones.

Vintage jewelry are always a dealers’ choice

When you own vintage or antique jewelry, you will always be favored at the dealers’ spot. They love purchasing the antique sets and you can earn a decent sum of money. You will be able to receive hot cash, on the spot. Earrings, chokers, bracelets and necklaces styled the ethnic way can fetch you a decent sum of money. You can invest vintage pieces of jewelry at the financial markets too. Try selling these at a time when their prices really soar at the market.

Investing money on gold or silver coins always makes sense

Buying gold and silver coins is definitely the most booming kind of investment. The fluctuations these luster filled metals face, are always 5 to 10% at the max. When the prices of gold or silver rise in the market, you can revive 200% of your investment. You can earn hot cash for jewelry, this way.

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During the onset of a wedding, you may be too pre-occupied getting your bridal dress ready. You generally shop for the basic designs on jewelry. You have to make arrangements for getting the party hall ready. You will have to zero in on the cuisines or desserts you plan to serve at the royal party. In the hustle and bustle of getting these things done, you might forget the important pieces of wedding or bridal jewelry you need to keep a stack of.

Helping you with a quick run-down on important pieces of wedding jewelry, you simply cannot do without:

Statement necklaces

Statement necklaces form an integral part of the bridal jewelry. You cannot do away without them. Your necklace needs to compliment the wedding gown you plan to wear for the party. Diamond studded multi-layered necklaces, chandelier design necklaces, tapering bib necklaces, tiered neck chains and floral design necklaces can be very good options, when it comes to choosing necklaces for your wedding.


You simply cannot do away without a matching pair of earrings, especially when it is your own wedding. You need to look your awesome best throughout the wedding. You can choose chandelier earrings, big hoops, diamond-studded heart-shaped earrings, vintage styled earrings, etc.

If you have a passion for fashion jewelry, you can also go in for ear studs that have danglers. These dangler earrings have huge gem stones embedded right across the center. You can go in for moon-stone, turquoise, blue sapphire, jade, ruby, amethyst and other forms of popularized gems, out there. The earrings are layered with a quote of white gold, yellow gold or platinum.

Stylish bracelets

You need to choose bracelets that complement the wedding dress and other bridal accessories you plan to wear for the party. Classic styled bracelets can be chosen if you want the bridal jewelry sans pomp and show. You can also go for customized designs when it comes to choosing bracelets for the best occasion of your life.


Anklets are pretty looking chains you wear on your feet to look exquisitely feminine and pull off your stunning aura, the right way. You can choose colored stones or trinkets to create anklets that look adorable. You can also choose multi-colored beads to create anklets. A simple silver or golden stranded chain can be used to create designer anklets that look attractive on your feet.

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One of the most important accessories for your wedding day is the pair of diamond earrings. How do you make sure you select the best bridal earrings to complement your wedding gown? There are several things to look into including style- what are you going to choose- vintage or contemporary, shape- do you want the drop or stud design and length- do you want short and simple or long, statement and drops?

There are a couple of ideas to help you to select the perfect pair.

Vintage or Contemporary

An essential choice for a pair of earrings is the style or period they represent. A pair of perfectly vintage earrings can be the perfect to make a plain, classic pair of earrings look perfect, on the other hand, modern earrings could clash with a lace vintage style gown.

It is best to look for vintage-style earrings like antique silver or gold plated earrings, baguette crystals, pave set crystal stones, vintage style scrolls, and delicate pearls. On the other hand, modern earrings are obvious for a classic gown with sleek lines, fishtail or to improve a colored wedding dress.

You can think about teardrops stones as they are timeless, select the clear crystal that sparkles the most and select man-made pearls over freshwater pearls.

Drop or Stud Earrings

The shape of bridal earrings you select will depend on the style of the earrings you are wearing and the statement you want to create with your overall look. Detailed chandelier earrings are one of the glamorous choices for a simple gown, modern, red-carpet in styling or have crystal decoration you want to accent with your jewelry. If you really want to add sparkle to your wedding attire, then chandelier earrings are perfect.

Drop earrings are the intelligent choice for a bride who wants to keep her appearance stylish and gorgeous. These earrings will suit any style of wedding gown and are the perfect choice if you want to look perfect on your wedding day. Studs earrings are also the perfect choice for a bride who likes to keep it simple.

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The wedding band you give your soon to be better half while saying the wedding vows, is one of the most special purchases you make in life. The gorgeous piece of jewelry symbolizes your never-ending love and commitment for her.

The elegant diamond wedding band presents the start of a new journey together as one. You should try and avoid comprising on the look and longevity.

Choose the Metal

The metal you select for your wedding bands is important in deciding its beauty. A smart choice starts with being aware of your options. Here is a guide that shows a few choices of metals you can look at:

Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold are one of the most traditional and popular choices of metals. It can be divided into various categories based on its purity. 24 carat gold, the purest form, can be mixed with stronger metals to be made into jewelry. 22 carat gold consists of about 90% of pure gold, which alone can be used to make wedding bands. The 18 and 9 carat gold consists of about 70% and 30% gold each. It can be used to create a number of styles and settings.

White Gold

Yellow gold mixed with zinc or nickel, gets a silvery white color which is called white gold. The metal when plated with rhodium, gets a hard surface with an attractive shine. It is one of the most popular choices for wedding bands. Rose gold is another popular and stylish choice.

It has a smooth silky finish along with being elegant and attractive.

Sterling Silver
It is a greyer tone as compared to platinum. It is similar to yellow gold in terms of being soft. It can be mixed with copper to make jewelry.

Select the best metal for your wedding band from the collection. If you need more help with the metals, head on over to Steels Jewelry.


Speed, strength and swiftness are important for a tennis player. How about sparkle and shine? A diamond bracelet could do the trick. Tennis and diamonds have a history together. The history is based on a story is about how Chris Evert’s bracelet broke during a tennis match.

                        Diamond Bracelets – Tennis

Diamond Bracelet

Steel’s jewelry provides a diamond bracelet for various occasions and personal style. You may like a simple ring of diamonds or something bolder to compliment your wrist, like a bracelet, the jewelry store has something for you. It’s nice to follow Chris Evert’s lead, after all, she did prove that diamonds are forever and a girl’s best friend. In the present era, Gabriela Sabatini and Serena Williams, tennis champions wore diamond bracelets on the court.

The ideal thing about the bracelets is that it will sit on the wrist comfortably as you enjoy your drink. You need not be sweaty to wear them while playing a match. In fact, you don’t have to like tennis to shine like a star.

Bracelets for Other Occasions

If you want to add a little sparkle to your court appeal, you can have a look the journey bracelets, silver chain bracelets and other fashion bracelets. The perfect complement for love and symbol of growing love is the journey bracelet. Small to large diamonds symbolize how love has become more beautiful and brilliant with time. Ideal for making a personal statement is the diamond fashion bracelets.

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We are thrown into a series of journeys that could define, the day we come into the world. Some are a lot more memorable than others, some a lot more joyful.


A diamond journey pendant can showcase a passage you have just entered, leaving or still experiencing. The first time the both of you went on a holiday together, you meet her parents, discover mutual interests that make you a couple. The gift of a journey pendant will show her you are walking on the same path together. It will remind her of the beautiful and personal journey that lies ahead.

Your path can become a new path for those you love. Once you are ready to be on your own- whether join the travelling traveling circus of your dreams, or marry the love of your life, your mom will be on her own journey.  For various reasons, her life is as new as yours, for various reasons. You could give your mom the perfect diamond journey pendant that symbolizes the amazing child she raised. You could even get photos from her phone as she likes hiking, her journey pendant a talisman on her latest adventure.


A diamond journey pendant could make a perfect gift for whatever journey in life your mom could take. It is a special gift to show how much you love her.  Steel’s Jewelry has a selection of diamond pendants, so there is something for every woman. From a gorgeous diamond spiral in white gold to a three-stone drop with a simple chain, every journey could have a pendant.


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Selling gold for cash is a beneficial and exciting venture. When it comes to selling your jewelry, you could have a couple of questions like ways of getting information about how much is your jewelry worth? Where can you sell it?

There a few simple steps which will help selling your jewelry an easy process.

  1. Collect information
  2. Evaluate your jewelry
  3. Sell


Collect Information

You can look for information about your piece. It could be certificates from the jewelry store or papers about the origin of the piece. It will help understand about the quality and value of the piece and price it properly.

Is there another option in case there is no information about the jewelry?

If you are unable to find any certificates or papers about the piece, then you can ask the local jewelry store to assess and give you a verbal appraisal. The local jewelry store can give you the information about the material and diamonds your piece of jewelry could have. It is very importent to have information for your jewelry evalution to get cash for gold.


How much is your jewelry worth?

Jewelry can be profitable to sell depending on the piece. The value of the jewelry is decided based on a few factors that include the demand for the type of piece you are selling. Primary factors that will determine the value of the piece are brand, rarity, era, material, condition, gems or diamonds.

Selling Jewelry

Where can you sell your jewelry? It can be a difficult decision to make when picking a method to use to sell jewelry. To ensure your jewelry is properly valued, go to a buyer who has the experience in valuing and buying jewelry. There are options to consider when looking for a place to sell your jewelry. Apart from a local jeweler, you can sell your jewelry to places like an auction house or on online auction sites.

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Years ago, the bride would bypass the custom in favor of a little less ordinary. Nothing is ordinary these days, especially when it comes to jewelry. Brides are heavily involved in trying to match their jewelry with their wedding gowns these days. After all it is their special day.

Pink and White Diamond Ring

 A pink and white diamond ring is unique of jewelry. It will attract attention. You can wear diamond studs to match the ring.


Diamond and Tanzanite Earrings

Your wedding gown will be the center of attraction on your special day and so, the jewelry should complement the dress. Decorated with an outline of diamonds, the tanzanite earrings can be worn with anything. The dark colored stones blend in with gowns of kinds of designs. With a little bit of research, you will be able to find the perfect pair of diamond and tanzanite earrings. Drop earrings and studs are often designed with the combination of a crown jewel.

Apart from these earrings, you can the seed pearl earrings. If you are wedding dress is an ivory in color, yellow gold is ideal.

 Be a Bracelet Bride

A bracelet can be worn on the right arm, instead of leaving it unornamented. The bridal collection has a new collection of diamond bracelets and wristlets. You could even wear pearl bracelets, bowhead wristlets, bow cuffs and much more. When it comes to taking wedding pictures, remember one thing, the bracelet will not go unnoticed.

With these selections of jewelry, you can even turn your bouquet in jewelry. You could even wear a diamond and pearl pendant. Yellow to rose gold to platinum work well with a diamond white gown. These are some of the various bridal jewelry the bride can select from Steels Jewelry.


Mother's Day Gift - Charm

She’s been there for all the important moments in life, the good and the bad. She has supported and loved you every step of the way. She gave you life. Now, it is your turn to show her how much she means you with a beautiful and memorable Mother’s Day gift.

A Mother’s Day gift of jewelry is a gift your mother will enjoy the whole year, a gift that will remind her how much she is loved and admired by those important people in her life- her children. There are a few fashionable jewelry gifts that will make her heart melt this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Jewelry

Mother’s jewelry is a sweet and emotional way of showing your mother you love her. This jewelry is customized with her children’s birthstones and can be made into rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants or any kind of jewelry you can think off. To make it even more special for mom, consider having the piece engraved with a special message with the help of the jeweler, for a Mother’s Day one- of- a kind gift.

Mother's Day Gift - Charm

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets have always been a trend in jewelry fashion and the perfect Mother’s Day gift from mom- for various reasons. There is never any shortage of fun, emotional, gorgeous charms to add to her collection. It simply means that a charm bracelet for mom this Mother’s Day makes shopping for future gift giving occasions simpler- just get her a new charm bracelet.  She gets to enjoy an everlasting collection marking the special moments in her life and the lives of those she loves.

Classic Jewelry Gifts for Mother’s Day

While diamond jewelry is a fairly common gift for Mother’s Day, there is not a single woman in this world who wouldn’t be happy to add sparkle to her jewelry collection. Diamond stud earrings are affordable and useful- she can wear them every day if she wants.