Trends may come and go, while the classic styled ring is going to stay in your hearts forever. It is a simple and a classic styled ring that can last forever in your memories. The ring speaks volumes, about the relationship you and your partner have had, even while celebrating your 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Here we go with some of the best classic designs on Engagement rings:

Three stone Engagement ring

This is the most preferred classic styled Engagement ring, indeed. The three stones can symbolize quite a lot of things. The stone says, Í love you Or I need you. Else ‘We stay forever’.

On this particular ring, you have a largest diamond stone right there at the center. You have the other two stones clambering to the center stud. The silhouette comprises of micro pave diamond studs.

Cushion-cut Engagement ring

This is another classic style, you will simply fall in love with. The magnificent cushion-cut symbolizes how strong your man is. His charm, grace and persona is revealed by the all-powerful cushion cut. The band is studded with pave cut stones in an elegant channel.

The round cut on a halo

To show the girl that you really want to treat her like a queen, this is a style, you can typically go for. It is a brilliantly designed round-cut diamond, on a halo setting. The round cut stone is designed with layers of smaller cut pave, adding to the glitter and sheen.

Double-halo Engagement ring

This is a signature piece that resonates exuberant style in an incredible manner. You have a huge center stone with two layers of halo setting. The studs are decorated in the prettiest looking way. It is a magical piece of rock that is going to stay on your finger, for the remaining fifty years of your life.

Oval shaped cut on a platinum band

To add royal vibes, to 2018, these are Engagement rings that can always stay in your memory. It is an oval shaped diamond embedded on a platinum band. Sounding too good to be true, isn’t it?

The Marquise shaped cut

It is a style that young brides-to-be have always fallen in love with. The band comes to you with a marquise cut. The designer ring is a classic styled one at it symbolizes the grace and charm with which a woman carries herself.

Hexagon shaped diamond ring

This is a hexagonal shaped cut where facets are placed using the highest degree of precision. The shine of the ring is simply resplendent. It would add to a breath taking experience, when you exchange the ring with your partner.

These are some of the best classic styled Engagement rings that reveal the relationship until death does apart. Steel’s Jewelry is a great place to be in as you get contemporary styled, classic and halo Engagement rings, under the same roof. To have a look at their fabulous designs online, reach out to them via


Speed, strength and swiftness are important for a tennis player. How about sparkle and shine? A diamond bracelet could do the trick. Tennis and diamonds have a history together. The history is based on a story is about how Chris Evert’s bracelet broke during a tennis match.

                        Diamond Bracelets – Tennis

Diamond Bracelet

Steel’s jewelry provides a diamond bracelet for various occasions and personal style. You may like a simple ring of diamonds or something bolder to compliment your wrist, like a bracelet, the jewelry store has something for you. It’s nice to follow Chris Evert’s lead, after all, she did prove that diamonds are forever and a girl’s best friend. In the present era, Gabriela Sabatini and Serena Williams, tennis champions wore diamond bracelets on the court.

The ideal thing about the bracelets is that it will sit on the wrist comfortably as you enjoy your drink. You need not be sweaty to wear them while playing a match. In fact, you don’t have to like tennis to shine like a star.

Bracelets for Other Occasions

If you want to add a little sparkle to your court appeal, you can have a look the journey bracelets, silver chain bracelets and other fashion bracelets. The perfect complement for love and symbol of growing love is the journey bracelet. Small to large diamonds symbolize how love has become more beautiful and brilliant with time. Ideal for making a personal statement is the diamond fashion bracelets.

Shop and find your perfect diamond bracelet at Steel’s Jewelry. Visit (Steel’s Jewelry) or call (229) 244-3369.

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Everybody believes that their wedding is going to be some sort of fairy tale romantic event until they get down to the nuts and bolts about planning it. There are far more practical considerations to be made in order to make sure that not only the big day goes off magically, but also the marriage itself is one that is as wonderful as possible. This is true even for what most people think of as the most romantic aspect of the wedding day. The list of what to consider when buying wedding rings may be short, but it is important.

The first consideration needs to be about the marriage and not the wedding. In other words, the diamond wedding rings need to be wedding rings that both people can live with. They are going to be looking at them every day for the rest of their lives. Fads come and go, and it can make for a long life if two or three years after the wedding day the rings look sadly out of date.

Another aspect of why style is important is because there should be a consistency between the engagement ring and the bride’s wedding band as well as between hers and her husband’s wedding ring. One way couples ensure that this happens is by buying their diamond wedding rings as a set with the engagement ring. At the very least – and especially if a significant time has elapsed between the proposal and when the wedding happens – it is best to return to the original jewelry store with the engagement ring so that prospective wedding bands can be matched up.

A final consideration should be given to the possibility of waiting and celebrating the first year of marriage by exchanging diamond anniversary rings. Not only does this help to spread out the expenses over a longer period of time, freeing up additional funds for the wedding itself, it also creates the impression of a magical yearlong celebration of the wedding.

People always want to know what to consider when buying wedding rings. The most important consideration should be to not think of them as wedding bands or diamond wedding rings, but rather as diamond marriage rings. Be sure to select rings not just for that first day, but for all the days of the future.


One of the less explored trends in the jewelry market is the bracelet and one on the most explored

materials are gold. So when we pair the two together, we get an extremely amiable item. Gold

bracelets are popular and trending.

Jennifer Heebner from JCK has prepared a list of trendy gold bracelets. Take a look at them:

Style Spotlight: 7 Gold Cuff Bracelets

With a current price per ounce exceeding platinum (the rarer metal), gold is undoubtedly enjoying a special moment. Still, there’s nothing that comes close to the warmth and glow of the metal—as is evidenced in designers’ portfolios—so it continues its reign in the fashion-forward fine jewelry arena. Here are seven new karat gold bracelets to consider stocking. See full post here


You can find the loveliest assortment of gold bracelets on our website: Happy shopping!


At the starting of the year, before summer begins, the question on every fashionable person’s mind is: WHAT ARE THIS YEAR’S TRENDS? Should you keep last year’s stuff? Should you burn the disasters? of the past? Or will you have to dig deep into your mom’s vintage closet to keep up with the new trends?

Well, fashion trends are not completely unpredictable! Here is a helpful article by In Detail that you must read if you want to keep abreast of the contemporary fashion culture:

New year. New trends. 5 industry insiders give their predictions for 2016

2015 was the year jewelry lovers went piercing mad, sparking a whole new vocabulary of ear cuffs, climbers and jackets as we searched for new treasures with which to curate our “ear compilations”. Midi rings and signet rings rocketed in popularity, not just among the landed gentry, and jewelry took a distinctly Seventies turn, with the hoop earring making a long-awaited comeback. Even body chains made an unexpected appearance in the fine jewelry realm.

So what jewelry trends does 2016 have in store? We asked five industry insiders for their predictions. See full post here

Keep checking back with us and we will keep you updated. Have a good year!

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Jewelry is the ultimate accessory and can take a so-so outfit to the next level. Choosing your jewelry is no different than choosing your wardrobe. Most important is to stick within your comfort zone and your personal fashion style. There are so many inspiring and beautiful pieces of jewelry available in the market providing you with number of styling options. The trick is to discover which pieces add the best finishing touches to your outfit.

In the following article by Maggie Bruch, she explains in detail the tips & tricks to discover which pieces add the best finishing touches to your outfit.

Sterling Silver Diamond Bangle Bracelet

How to Pick the Right Jewelry for Your Outfit?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? As much as we’d like to deck ourselves out in some bling every day, we live in the real world, and it’s more like baubles, statement necklaces and cocktail rings are a girl’s best friend. Jewelry is the ultimate accessory and can take a so-so outfit to the next level. Most of us have our everyday jewelry pieces we put on no matter what—a favorite watch, a special ring or a simple necklace. But when we want to do something a little more special, it can be difficult to decide what kind of piece to wear.

We don’t always go jewelry shopping with a specific outfit in mind, and vice versa, so picking the right accents can seem more like a chore than fun. No more! There isn’t necessarily a right way and a wrong way to accessorize an outfit, but we’ve gathered together some no-fail options for the types of jewelry you should reach—and shop! —for based on your outfit and even your hair style. See full post here:

Ladys Yellow Gold Plate Translucent- Iridescent Rayne Necklace

Your jewelry is the finishing touch on your total look. Make your fashion statement count!

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It’s like Christmas in July!!!  As I open our boxes from the Luxury and Couture Show in Vegas, I’m excited all over again with the new lines and jewelry designers we have chosen for the upcoming season. I picked three of them to share with you today…I very well can’t show them all at once, right?!?!  😉  

The first is a brand new line we are introducing….Meira T.  This designer is known for her asymmetrical lines and natural yet edgy creations. Her collection reflects her European upbringing, her love for fashion, and her passion for world travel. The diamonds and unique stones are set in such an elegant and feminine style- you can wear them from day to evening with no problem. A definite fave of the Steel’s Girls!

1n6332_1024x1024 746520_1024x1024 1n6290_1024x1024

The second new line is…Michael Kors. The most requested watches have now made it to Steel’s!  This high fashion watch leads the way in glamorous timepieces.  From chunky cutting edge styles to sleek leather that is super chic…you will easily find a MK watch to fit most any personality. New arrivals are coming every month- don’t be late getting yours! 😉

18-15-1-0088 23430703271msfgCh8sL._UL1500_

We’ve saved the best for last…Lika Behar!  This is a name our customers for sure will recognize…but the pieces this fall are brand new and mostly one of a kind!  The collections are romantic, bold, and yet sensible…handmade with pure and nimble 24kt gold…perfect for the ladies who love to make a statement with their accessories.


Stop by Steel’s and be the first to see our new finds in person…and let us know what you think 😉


Pandora Summer Collection 2015
PANDORA has recently launched their new summer collection, Escape to Paradise. This collection represents the joy of summer with splashes of bright colors and new travel charms. Also, to add some fun to this collection, PANDORA has released some of their favorite charms in a pavé design…like the new snake and turtle!

We wanted to show off a few of our favorites from this new collection!

  1. Home is where the heart is…and now PANDORA hearts holds the flags of several great countries. Whether you are showing the pride of your home country or remembering a special destination, these dangle hearts are a great symbol of your story. We hope to see more of these released.
  2. A splash color – If you are looking to add new color, there are two great designs in green and blue. The petit facet quartz charm is a soft color addition or for a stronger hue choose the mosaic pavé charm.
  3. Cute, fun and pavé – There are the cute animals like the turtle and dolphin, but the summer collection would not be complete with out ocean favorite like the anchor or palm tree.
    The Escape to Paradise PANDORA Summer Collection is now available in store. Come in to see the new collection, and make sure you add your favorites to your wish list.

– Rebekah


School is almost out! The countdown is on and in just a few days we will be enjoying our summer family vacations. This also means that it’s the time of year again for graduations…and graduation gifts. From beach towels to last minute cards stuffed with cash, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect gift.

Jewelry is a great gift with lots of options! We thought we would help with several suggestions. Many of our young employees have graduated from high school or college in recent years and have provided 9E029CLPgreat insight into what is popular and perfect for this special time.

  1. Classic is always a winner – Pearls and diamonds are always perfect. They never go out of style. When you choose a staple piece, such as a pearl strand or diamond earrings, you can rest assure that it will be cherished and worn for a lifetime.
  2. Fashionable is fun – Whether you are buying for a friend, niece, or cousin-  a fabulous fashion piece is always an excellent choice! Alex and Ani bracelets start at $28 and are extremely popular stackable bangles. They have charms that are perfect for a graduate who is embarking on a new road ahead of them.  Pandora is a great gift you can add to…this fashion forward charm bracelet line now carries beautiful rings, necklaces, and earrings as well. This makes it super easy to add on pieces at Christmas and birthdays. Another fun fashion brand is Kendra Scott with their bold colors and statement pieces.
  3. Time keeps ticking – Your graduate is an adult CitizenAdand is now responsible for getting everywhere on time. A timepiece is a great, yet practical graduation gift. Perfect for a guy or gal!
  4. Something a bit sentimental – Turn an old piece of jewelry into something new that your graduate can love for a lifetime. Blake, our designer and goldsmith, redesigns and custom creates jewelry with his state of the art computer program. Let us help you design that one of a kind piece that is sure to please and last for generations!



This Mother’s Day selection by Alex and Ani is the most unique to date!  I absolutely LOVE being able to give flowers that will last, and there is an interesting mixture of traditional and non-traditional flowers in these collections.  Rather than their usual round disk charms, these are oblong or octagonal for a cool new change.  I simply love how Alex and Ani continues to reinvent themselves and provide the hottest trends at affordable prices.

The flower descriptions from Alex and Ani below are well worth the read…rather you choose your flower on beauty, color, energy, or birth month, there is something for everyone to enjoy!


Carnation: the flower of the affectionate heart. The intoxicating aromatic alchemy of this flower was cherished as a centuries-old ingredient for love potions. With soft ruffled petals, its allure is ancient, and its Greek name, dianthus, means ‘heavenly flower’. The Carnation is associated with January, an emblem of sheer affection.

Violet: the flower of the faithful heart. This flower charmed Empress Josephine, who was seduced by its innocence and grew obsessed with its elegance. Trios of delicate petals comprise the flower’s bloom. Associated with February, the Violet symbolizes faith and the heart’s ease.

Jonquil: the flower of the wondrous heart. With radiant petals of gold, this flower’s high-vibrating energy is said to attract forest nymphs, bestowing a blessing upon all who appreciate its beauty. Associated with March, the delightful Jonquil promotes self-love.

Sweet Pea: the flower of the nostalgic heart. The folds of this flower’s blossoms hold precious oils that, in ancient lore, were believed to entice strangers and invite chance meetings. Associated with April, the endearing Sweet Pea brings fortune’s bliss.

Lily of the Valley: the flower of the pure heart. With graceful petals like little white bells, this flower is said to have sprung from the tears of the Virgin Mary. Associated with May, the divine Lily of the Valley signifies purity of heart.

Rose: the flower of the healing heart. With a beauty that is legendary, this flower has deep velvet petals that invoke passion and the myriad mysteries to be found on the road to romance. Associated with June, the Rose’s oils are said to heal any heart.

Larkspur: the flower of the playful heart. Adorned with pointed, spur-like petals, this flower is joyful to behold. Ancient Romans believed it was originally a dolphin who called upon the god of the sea and invoked Neptune’s protection. Associated with July, the Larkspur is a playful reminder of the humor in everyday life.

Gladiolus: the flower of the moral heart. From the Latin word meaning ‘sword,’ the vertical blooms of this flower signify gladiator-like strength. Associated with August, and believed by ancients to represent a warrior’s will, the Gladiolus energizes the heart’s morality.

Aster: the flower of the enchanted heart. Blossoming in a burst of delicate petals, this flower’s name comes from Latin, meaning ‘star,’ and it is known as a flower of deep mystery. An emblem of patience associated with September, the Aster is a doorway to enchantment.

Marigold: the flower of the creative heart. Flaring with brilliant, fiery hues, the Marigold was a flower of medieval blessing, placed on doorways and believed to offer powerful protection. Associated with October, the Marigold promotes independence and the spread of creativity.

Chrysanthemum: the flower of the happy heart. Derived from the Greek word meaning ‘golden flower,’ this flower is prized for its luck. Brightly blooming with plush, sun-like petals, the Chrysanthemum is associated with November, and radiates warmth and happiness.

Narcissus: the flower of the honorable heart. An elegant blossom, the Narcissus is a flower of cleansing, light, and self-love. Associated with December, the Narcissus is pure and known to empower truth and honor.

– Nicole