Classic Engagement Ring Designs You’ll Fall in Love With

Trends may come and go, while the classic styled ring is going to stay in your hearts forever. It is a simple and a classic styled ring that can last forever in your memories. The ring speaks volumes, about the relationship you and your partner have had, even while celebrating your 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Here we go with some of the best classic designs on Engagement rings:

Three stone Engagement ring

This is the most preferred classic styled Engagement ring, indeed. The three stones can symbolize quite a lot of things. The stone says, Í love you Or I need you. Else ‘We stay forever’.

On this particular ring, you have a largest diamond stone right there at the center. You have the other two stones clambering to the center stud. The silhouette comprises of micro pave diamond studs.

Cushion-cut Engagement ring

This is another classic style, you will simply fall in love with. The magnificent cushion-cut symbolizes how strong your man is. His charm, grace and persona is revealed by the all-powerful cushion cut. The band is studded with pave cut stones in an elegant channel.

The round cut on a halo

To show the girl that you really want to treat her like a queen, this is a style, you can typically go for. It is a brilliantly designed round-cut diamond, on a halo setting. The round cut stone is designed with layers of smaller cut pave, adding to the glitter and sheen.

Double-halo Engagement ring

This is a signature piece that resonates exuberant style in an incredible manner. You have a huge center stone with two layers of halo setting. The studs are decorated in the prettiest looking way. It is a magical piece of rock that is going to stay on your finger, for the remaining fifty years of your life.

Oval shaped cut on a platinum band

To add royal vibes, to 2018, these are Engagement rings that can always stay in your memory. It is an oval shaped diamond embedded on a platinum band. Sounding too good to be true, isn’t it?

The Marquise shaped cut

It is a style that young brides-to-be have always fallen in love with. The band comes to you with a marquise cut. The designer ring is a classic styled one at it symbolizes the grace and charm with which a woman carries herself.

Hexagon shaped diamond ring

This is a hexagonal shaped cut where facets are placed using the highest degree of precision. The shine of the ring is simply resplendent. It would add to a breath taking experience, when you exchange the ring with your partner.

These are some of the best classic styled Engagement rings that reveal the relationship until death does apart. Steel’s Jewelry is a great place to be in as you get contemporary styled, classic and halo Engagement rings, under the same roof. To have a look at their fabulous designs online, reach out to them via


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