The Perfect Mother’s Day Flowers

This Mother’s Day selection by Alex and Ani is the most unique to date!  I absolutely LOVE being able to give flowers that will last, and there is an interesting mixture of traditional and non-traditional flowers in these collections.  Rather than their usual round disk charms, these are oblong or octagonal for a cool new change.  I simply love how Alex and Ani continues to reinvent themselves and provide the hottest trends at affordable prices.

The flower descriptions from Alex and Ani below are well worth the read…rather you choose your flower on beauty, color, energy, or birth month, there is something for everyone to enjoy!


Carnation: the flower of the affectionate heart. The intoxicating aromatic alchemy of this flower was cherished as a centuries-old ingredient for love potions. With soft ruffled petals, its allure is ancient, and its Greek name, dianthus, means ‘heavenly flower’. The Carnation is associated with January, an emblem of sheer affection.

Violet: the flower of the faithful heart. This flower charmed Empress Josephine, who was seduced by its innocence and grew obsessed with its elegance. Trios of delicate petals comprise the flower’s bloom. Associated with February, the Violet symbolizes faith and the heart’s ease.

Jonquil: the flower of the wondrous heart. With radiant petals of gold, this flower’s high-vibrating energy is said to attract forest nymphs, bestowing a blessing upon all who appreciate its beauty. Associated with March, the delightful Jonquil promotes self-love.

Sweet Pea: the flower of the nostalgic heart. The folds of this flower’s blossoms hold precious oils that, in ancient lore, were believed to entice strangers and invite chance meetings. Associated with April, the endearing Sweet Pea brings fortune’s bliss.

Lily of the Valley: the flower of the pure heart. With graceful petals like little white bells, this flower is said to have sprung from the tears of the Virgin Mary. Associated with May, the divine Lily of the Valley signifies purity of heart.

Rose: the flower of the healing heart. With a beauty that is legendary, this flower has deep velvet petals that invoke passion and the myriad mysteries to be found on the road to romance. Associated with June, the Rose’s oils are said to heal any heart.

Larkspur: the flower of the playful heart. Adorned with pointed, spur-like petals, this flower is joyful to behold. Ancient Romans believed it was originally a dolphin who called upon the god of the sea and invoked Neptune’s protection. Associated with July, the Larkspur is a playful reminder of the humor in everyday life.

Gladiolus: the flower of the moral heart. From the Latin word meaning ‘sword,’ the vertical blooms of this flower signify gladiator-like strength. Associated with August, and believed by ancients to represent a warrior’s will, the Gladiolus energizes the heart’s morality.

Aster: the flower of the enchanted heart. Blossoming in a burst of delicate petals, this flower’s name comes from Latin, meaning ‘star,’ and it is known as a flower of deep mystery. An emblem of patience associated with September, the Aster is a doorway to enchantment.

Marigold: the flower of the creative heart. Flaring with brilliant, fiery hues, the Marigold was a flower of medieval blessing, placed on doorways and believed to offer powerful protection. Associated with October, the Marigold promotes independence and the spread of creativity.

Chrysanthemum: the flower of the happy heart. Derived from the Greek word meaning ‘golden flower,’ this flower is prized for its luck. Brightly blooming with plush, sun-like petals, the Chrysanthemum is associated with November, and radiates warmth and happiness.

Narcissus: the flower of the honorable heart. An elegant blossom, the Narcissus is a flower of cleansing, light, and self-love. Associated with December, the Narcissus is pure and known to empower truth and honor.

– Nicole


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